Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Delete Files Beyond Data Recovery with File Shredder

When you delete files from your computer or even empty recycle bin, the hard drive do not actually erase any data. What happens is that the locations on the hard drive where the data were stored are just marked as “deleted” which signals the system that the locations are considered unoccupied and ready to accept new data. As long as there is no data written on the same locations on the hard drive, deleted files can still be recovered by data recovery software. Often times, users are trying to recover deleted or lost files because it was deleted by accident or due to hard drive failure. But sometimes, you want to wipe out the sensitive data on your hard drive before you sell, donate, or recycle your computer so that data can no longer be recovered by identity thief. This process is called “shredding” where the deleted files on your hard drive are overwritten by random series of binary multiple times to make sure data could not be recovered. File Shredder is free software that deletes files beyond data recovery.


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