Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to Recover Stolen Laptop Computer with Prey Free Software

Laptop computer is a very powerful yet portable device that contains confidential information that you never wish to fall in the hands of a thief. Even if you left it and someone is lucky enough to find and keep it, your sensitive information might put you at risk. For some corporate issued laptop computers, IT department sometimes utilize a system that can wipe the sensitive data remotely to protect the company. However, it does not help recover the missing laptop computer. There is a free software application called “Prey” that you can use to help you recover a stolen or missing laptop. Prey connects to the internet and periodically checks if there is a notification that the laptop computer is stolen. If so, it sends a report to help you locate the device such as network or Wi-Fi information, screenshot of the current desktop, and a photo of the background if your laptop computer has a built-in Webcam.


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